Louise Richards

I have always loved photography, when I was 10 years old my parents bought me a Polaroid Camera for Christmas - from that day on I was destined to fill my life with photography. 

I love mother earth, and all that she shows us daily. The colours, the textures, the light, the darkness, the beauty, the ruggedness, the paradise that is earth.  My favourite place to be is on the beach, sand between my toes watching the sun make it's way over the horizon signifying a new day! Every day we are given is a blessing.  I feel so blessed to be able to capture the amazing world around me and share it for all to enjoy.   Photography is such a huge part of my life and of who I am. I truly feel blessed to have this gift, and love to share my knowledge and photography journey with others. I hope my work inspires others to pursue their love of photography.   

I currently live in Tea Gardens NSW and have a small Gallery in the neighbouring town of Hawks Nest  on the beautiful Myall Coast.  I have the best of both worlds here living on 100 acres of farm land just a 10 minute drive to the Beach & River, and a 15 minute drive to the Myall Lakes.  We have 3 of the most amazing beaches in Australia Bennett's Beach, Jimmy's Beach & Mungo Beach (Myall Lakes).  Pristine white sand, Crystal azure water with views to beautiful Port Stephens.  The Myall Lakes national Park has beautiful reserves, campgrounds & islands to explore. Broughton Island is a must see in Whale season!  

The Myall River is lined with amazing mangroves, home to abundant bird & marine life. Daily you will see dolphins at play, egrets, pelican, seagull, the resident osprey, local Dingoes & many other birds & animals. 

Photography for me is telling a story with my imagery, making it uniquely mine. For me, my images are more about the story and experience of taking them, rather than just the scene. My images each have meaning for me, I remember every scene I captured and the feelings that went with that capture, who was there with me at the moment. My photography allows me to relive these moments over and over, freezing a moment in time. 

"Photography is my Oxygen" - Louise. 

Below is some of the awards I have received for my work. Competitions for me are not about competing with other photographers, it's more about getting some feedback on my work - a validation if you will of my work. Photographers like artists are the biggest critics of themselves; it's nice to get some recognition from time to time of our work. 

Thanks for looking at my page, hope you enjoy the imagery. 

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