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A New Day

My favourite place to be is on the beach; the sand between my toes, the salt air on my face. It's my place of serenity, my piece of peace. I am so blessed to live 10 minutes from one of the most beautiful coastlines in Australia. Hawks Nest is a small coastal village in NSW about 1 hour north of Newcastle. Home to about 2,000 residents the Hawks Nest/Tea Gardens area is surrounded Bennett's Beach, Jimmy's Beach, Mungo Beach, The Myall River & The Myall Lakes National Park. A popular tourist location, made more inviting by the close knit community minded residents who live in what can only be described as Paradise!

This morning I set out at 5.45am, it was raining, dark & Gloomy at home. From my house I cannot see the horizon. Until I hit the top of the Hill driving into Tea Gardens I have no idea what is happening on the horizon, it's a case of having to make the effort in the hope of capturing a magic moment. (To me every sunrise is magic, my favourite time of the day). When I arrived at Bennett's Beach in Hawks Nest, there was a lot of cloud on the horizon, I know the sun would be delayed in appearing until it broke through the cloud. I didn't expect much this morning, rain had been forecast for sunrise. I headed down the little bush track to the beach, and was greeted with beautiful clear water......strange considering yesterday the beach was a mass of Red Kelp Weed. I love this beach, it is ever-changing from one moment to the next, totally unpredictable.

Slowly a golden glow appeared in the sky as the sun slowly moved from the horizon.

Slowly but surely the sun made it's way through the cloud, such a magical moment. On the beach were a few early morning fisherman, hoping for a catch. It was such a quiet and serene hour, an hour where the worries of the world dissipated, my time to reflect and relax. Once the sun had made its way out of the cloud the ocean and sky was a perfect golden hue. I turned around to look behind me and Bam there was a huge rainbow in the distance. Time to pack up and head around the corner to Jimmy's beach and see if I could capture the rainbow and maybe the pot of gold at the end of it ;).

Jimmy's Beach did not disappoint, the Rainbow was still there so vivid and bright, I managed to capture a few shots before it started to pour rain, that was my cue to head back home and see what I had captured from what I describe as a magic morning. Get out and see a sunrise of too, they are great for the soul! Have a great day everyone! Lou :)

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