A B O U T   L O U I S E 


At a young age Louise developed a passion for photography after receiving her first camera for Christmas when she was 10 years old. It became clear to Louise's family & friends that Louise had a great eye for detail & creative flair with a camera. 

In 1991 Louise purchased her first SLR film camera, she began taking wedding & portrait photographs for family & friends, soon after Louise started to get more bookings as he work got noticed. Louise started a small business from home under the name "Photos by Louise" working primarily in the Upper Hunter areas of NSW. Louise worked in the wedding industry for over 20 years working as a photographer, wedding planner & making silk wedding bouquets. 


As Louise's family stared to grow, she had less time for her photography and took a short break after losing her brother to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in early 2006. In 2009 the family moved onto a country property in Booral NSW and Louise's passion for photography was re-ignited surround by beautiful country landscapes.

In 2012 Louise & her family relocated to the Myall Lakes area of NSW, somewhere that was close to Louise's heart, a place she had longed to live. When the family arrived on the Myall Coast, Louise started up her business again, under the initial name of "Myall Coast Photography", but later changed the name to "Lily & Lace Photography" offering portrait photography, and then moving into the Landscape Genre, this is where Louise found her Niche.

Louise now days primarily works as a Seascape, Landscape & Nature photographer. Louise is very proud of how far her work has come, and now much she has grown as a photographer.  In late 2019 Louise opened up her own Gallery - Hawks Nest Gallery where you can view Louise's work & other Art from locals.  www.hawksnestgallery.com

Louise is married to her husband of 28 years Mark, they have 5 children together and live in Tea Gardens NSW . Their 6 year old son Kye is affected by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a fatal incurable genetic disease. Louise is a passionate fund raiser for DMD. Louise donates 10% of all work she sells to research for DMD in the fight to find a cure. 

A C C O L A D E S 


2019 Australian Photographer of the Year - Australian Photography Magazine

Highly Commended Portfolio


Top 50 Landscape Portfolio. 


FOCUS AWARDS 2019: -  

9 Bronze Awards



10 Bronze Awards. Placed in the top 50 in the Sunrise/Sunset Category.




1 Silver Award & 5 Bronze Awards
Placed in the top 50 in the Landscape Category. http://comp.focusphotographers.org/enter/results/focusAwards2017Landscape.php



Advanced Diploma in Photography 2017
Result - Distinction

2016 Photographer of the Year - Australian Photography Magazine
Commended Landscape Portfolio.

2017 Photographer of the Year - Australian Photography Magazine
Commended Landscape Portfolio


2017 Photographer of the Year - Australian Photography Magazine
Highly Commended Landscape Portfolio  http://www.australianphotography.com/photocompentry/myall-coast-paradise

2018 Photographer of Year - Australian Photography Magazine

Highly Commended  Portfolio




In 2016 Louise took a chance and entered the Australian Photographer of the Year awards for 2016. Louise was excited to receive a Commendation for her Landscape Portfolio. Louise again entered the Competition in 2017 and received a Commendation for one of her series of photos entered, and her second series of images was Highly Commended.


In November 2017 Louise was awarded  5 bronze & 1 silver award in the 2017 FOCUS Photography awards. Louise's silver award winning image coming in 38th in the Landscape category, Her image titled "Magic Light" receiving a score of 83 out of 100. In 2018 Louise also entered the FOCUS  Photography awards, Picking up 10 Bronze Awards, One of those images in 41st position in the Sunrise/Sunset Category.  

In 2017 Louise enrolled in the ultimate photography course and received a distinction, but for the most Louise is a self taught photographer, who is driven by a passion to capture the beauty, ruggedness & fierceness of mother nature.  Louise loves what she does, and is amazed daily by the beautiful colours & textures of the world around us. 

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